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Zac Hanson Fans
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Welcome to the zachansonfans community!

This community is strictly for fans of the musical group Hanson and/or Zac Hanson. Here you can post whatever you'd like about Hanson and Zac. Please post anything you'd like... photos, concert experiences, news-- ANYTHING!

**Rules last updated : 10/17/03**

Below are a few rules to abide by:
- Be respectful of others
- Don't spam/advertise your community
- Don't post asking for journal codes for lj, ujournal, etc.
- No cross-posting
- No bashing
- As much as I enjoy it, no fanfic or rpg's.
- If you're posting a long post or a post with 3+ photos, please use the lj-cut code.
- This is a Hanson related community. So, posts here should only be Hanson related!

I don't really want to ban anybody but it's common sense... the rules here are very simple. And I'd like to have the community a nice place for all fans to post at. Please, use your brain before you post!

After you join, please fill out this quick survey and post it in your first post to the community!:D

How long you've been a Hanson fan:
How many times you've seen them live:
Why you're a Zac fan:

There is a Zac Picture of the Day everyday. The pictures will be posted in the community as well as the archive website.

Enjoy!:D And make sure to tell others!

This community has been created by dyermaker and xunderneathx